our framework

Success to Tomten means having both a flourishing business and a thriving culture. We look at our clients’ challenges through a multi-lensed framework, bringing to bear each principals’ methods, tools, and models on gaps that need filling, or attributes that need accentuating. We listen both broadly and deeply, using orthogonal discussions and observation with leadership, team members and customers to find the nuances in an organization’s problem-set and solutions.

The multiple aspects of our framework mean we can help leadership look around corners with a wider lens, sharpening their focus on the right people and processes that continue to align what they do with how and why they do it, and helping them go from being good organizations to excellent ones.

Five large ovals with small circles attached, arranged in a circle with the text financial strategy & technology, brand purpose & narrative, leadership for growth, communications & crisis management, inclusive design & organizational behavior.