our story

The Tomten troll

The Tomten Group was conceived during the pandemic, while reflecting on the massive societal transformations with extremely limited leadership capacity to manage the scale, breadth and scope of challenges within any organization. In the independent nature of consultancies, the Group coalesced on three core tenets:

As a collective, Tomten provides multidisciplinary counsel to help reshape and align organizations cultural bearings. Tomten offers senior, experienced leaders a shared platform from which we can support the vision and alignment of clients who are choose to build or pivot to great cultures.

our name

The name “Tomten” is borrowed from late 19th-century Scandinavian folklore. A tomte is a small, caring figure who quietly looks after a rural farm’s land. They care for the animals and the children at night, unseen, while everyone is asleep—especially in the harder winter months.

Tomte are usually depicted as stout, wise, silent helpers who relish hard work and appreciate those who take their work seriously, if not themselves. The tomte stay jovial, kindly, and perhaps a bit mischievous, as they see to everyone’s welfare.